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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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all began in the rain. linda. >> reporter: allen, it certainly did rain today but, you know, this is the third parade i have covered and i have to say that the level of enthusiasm and excitement just as great as the first not only for the fans but for the players. they waited in the pouring rain for hours but nothing dampened their spirits even team mascot lucille got them going. what do you think about this crowd? they have been out here since 6 a.m. the champions rode in liker who rose. crawford brandon clutching his baby girl and belt taking in the crown. there was no containing the rock star status and a magic moment with one player reduced this girl to tears.
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>> why are you crying? [ screaming ] screaming >> reporter: tim hudson said he waited his whole career to pitch in the world series and now it's his first parade. >> everything i thought it would be. [ screaming ] >> reporter: baseball players with rock star status and some fans had their favorites. when the series mvp rode in, it was typical low key madbum trophy in one hand and what could have been a beer in the other. [ screaming ] >> reporter: and awesome to see that familiar trophy again. [ screaming ] >> reporter: and fans, spring
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training is about four months away. that's when the fans say the torture begins again. back to you, ken, i'm sorry i called you allen, and ken and liz. >> no, no. i have been called worse. but linda, it's one of those special days and i think everybody -- you know, everybody is smiling. right? the. >> awesome. >> reporter: everybody was smiling. it was a wet smile, drenched and cold but we're in a drought, right? >> you got it. linda yee in san francisco, thank you. many people took to twitter to say it wasn't rain, the drops were the tears of dodgers fans. [ laughter ] >> it did let up for the party at civic center though. that was good timing. allen martin is here with more on that. allen. >> no one let rain keep them away. they packed civic center to say thanks to the world series champions and to party. the rain stopped, the umbrellas came down and giants orange and
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black blended with the reality of a three-peat. >> the manager of the world champion giants, bruce bochy. >> reporter: and the headline proclaiming the san francisco giants have arrived. 3, 3, 3. >> reporter: but the biggest cheer? for the mvp. >> madison baumgarner [ applause and cheers ] remembers who clearly >> reporter: he was uncomfortable in the limelight. others didn't. pitcher ryan vogelsong let us all in on the world series clubhouse champ. >> yes indeed! >> reporter: and catcher buster posey -- >> well, that was a little weird. >> reporter: -- had a warning for hunter pence. >> you see those cameras right there? that probably means live tv. >> reporter: who of course went rogue and followed with this. >> we have this really weird warmup that we have to do every day called and ankle skip. give us a little ankle skip demonstration right here, boys! ankle skip, whoo! >> reporter: and a personal
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request for yes. >> yes, yes, yes! >> re-sign pablo? >> yes, yes, yes! >> we need about five more for that. re-sign pablo? >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! >> man, why do they give me the microphone? i'll keep going! >> because he is going to take it all the way to the bank i'm sure if they re-sign him. larry baer said maybe we'll break tradition and win next year. >> that works out. reserve the plaza for next year. >> ability to hunter is so shy view i know. bring him out of his shell. >> what's funny is they are all superstar world class athletes but there's a little boy right here. >> exactly. >> it comes out in every one of them. >> yeah. thank you. now that the party is over, there is a mass exodus on mass transit. >> the line we showed you at 5:00 is longer. reporter: it is a mess out
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here. it starts at 4th and king and winds around this caltrain station and down the block a half mile. we are talking about at least an hour wait right now. i'll show you a look at the line. when you combine the giants parade, halloween and a regular friday rush hour, it all adds up to a very slow commute. the caltrain line was so long some gave up. one group from san jose is splitting an $80 uber ride because even though they already bought caltrain tickets. >> and we come back to take caltrain and this line is absolutely insane! it goes down 3 more blocks on that way. >> it's not worth it. it's going to be an hour plus wait two hours back on caltrain back to san jose. it's not worth it for us. >> it could be worse. >> bart and caltrain is reporting numbers 10% down
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compared to the 2012 world series celebration. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> you can see the highlights of the parade, and see it all at it rained on the parade and over much of the bay area today. a lot of people hoping that it would dry out for halloween night. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with a look. paul? >> all those hopes, those wishes, those prayers, they have worked. it will be rain-free for halloween evening. we got plenty of rainfall today. oakland hills half inch. a third in kentfield. san jose the most rain in any one day since february 28th half inch rain today and nearly an inch in mount tam. plenty of rain now in the central valley. it's moved away from us. showers will impact us after midnight coming from the west. the only play where it's raining now in the bay area would be morgan hill and gilroy. some light showers continue
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there. now that the boys of summer wrapped up with their parade today let's talk about some winter. what's a winter storm warning in the -- there's a winter storm warning in the sierra now the first significant snow of the season above 8,000 feet in elevation up to 15" of new snow. are we getting a little jump on the snowpack? the answer is yes. this evening and tonight. we'll talk about rain chances for the weekend because we are not entirely done with the rain yet. that's coming up in 8 minutes. see you then, thanks. also new tonight a walnut creek apartment blown to pieces and investigators say it may have all been because of a drug lab. several blasts ripped through the four unit apartment building leaving two people critically injured. investigators say butane tanks used in a drug lab are to blame. >> a second floor apartment was completely blown off the building. debris scattered into the
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hundreds street. it happened on the 1500 block of sunnyvale avenue near north main street. >> kpix 5's da lin with a look at what investigators say is some of the worst damage they have ever seen. da. >> reporter: ken, witnesses say it started out with one giant explosion sounded like a plane crash and then came dozens of smaller explosions. now, that condo is about 50 feet behind me here but some of that debris landed all the way out here on the street. neighbors captured the series of explosions inside a second- story condo. police believe it was a drug lab. the force of the explosions launched debris about 100 feet in every direction. >> i was noticing a building across the street. all the windows are blow in. >> reporter: a man neighborhood an elderly woman across the street trapped on the first floor. >> adrenaline was going.
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we got her out but there was still popping and -- and fire plumes about 20, 30 feet in the air. >> reporter: firefighters risked their lives to put out the flames. two of them got too close and ran for their lives. >> i have been on the job for 39 years. this is the worst blast damage i have seen in this type incident. >> reporter: investigators say the condo was filled with butane canisters. the gas used to extract hash oil from marijuana plants. witnesses saw two men run out with flames all over their bodies. >> it was really scary. his head was still on fire. he was yelling for water. >> reporter: paramedics rushed the two men to the hospital. both in critical condition. the city of walnut creek brought in an excavator and other heavy equipment to remove the debris inside. one, because that structure is no longer stable. and, two, they want to see if anybody is still trapped in that structure. ken, liz, back to you guys.
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>> wow. devastation. thank you, da lin in walnut creek. several families are without homes tonight. kpix 5's len ramirez is outside the church where people are taking shelter tonight. len. >> i checked inside the evacuation center. there are a dozen families in there. they will have to wait until 8:00 tonight before officials will disclose whether or not they will be able to return home. the city red-tagged at least four of the apartments closest to the blast. that means people can't get back inside even to retrieve their belongings. and the red cross estimates as many as 50 people are displaced. >> two doors down across the street. >> reporter: leaders at this church sprang to action making their hall a makeshift evacuation center. >> came back opened the churched and said -- it was raining at the time and said please come down. stay out of the rain. >> reporter: neighbors helped neighbors providing blankets, the local restaurant donating meals and the red cross moved in to help. >> one lady, she gave me this
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to put around me and another lady pushed me into the church. they have been wonderful. >> reporter: one woman couldn't walk and had to be carried out by police with just the clothes on her back. >> and i'm thinking, well, where are we going? i don't have a coat. i'm freezing. it's raining. >> reporter: but there is still a lot of uncertainty. evacuees are waiting to hear whether they will be allowed to return to their homes. it looks like most of them will be allowed back in. but people whose apartments were red-tagged or yellow- tagged will have to find another place to stay. and some of that uncertainty has now been removed. we have just been told that the place where this explosion happened, it happened in a -- the entire apartment will be demolished. so six apartments people will not be able to go back into the apartments to live. some of them two units have been yellow-tagged so people can go in to get their belongings. but the ones in the other four will not be able to go in and the entire building will be demolish. reporting live in walnut creek,
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len ramirez, kpix 5. still ahead, the second rocket explosion in a week least wreckage scattered in the california desert. this time, it was a ship designed to carry tourists. >> lava creeping closer by the day to these homes. our betty yu is in hawaii talking to neighbors watching, waiting and hoping they will have something to come back to. >> and later, you feeling lucky? you likely won't win the lottery as much as these folks. their improbable winning streak and what could be behind it. femalsave hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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and is now facing felony chs for allegedly stealing expl photos from women taken into custody. 35 year old sean harringtons a dublin chp officer was forced to resign for allegedly stealing explicit photos of women taken into custody. 35-year-old sean harrington is
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accused of sending himself the nude photos of women from the phones of women under arrest. he said image stealing is widespread. and he said it's a game in the law enforcement. chp released this statement saying, quote, there is no place in our organization for individuals who choose to manipulate the law and departmental policy for their personal gain. a biker videotaped during a reckless ride on a bay area freeway. he could be facing charges of marijuana cultivation. during a search of the man's house in brentwood officers discovered a marijuana grow with 990 plants and loaded rifle. he was part of a group of bikers doing wheelies on 680 this month. he was arrested on wednesday. for the second time this week a rocket has exploded this
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time killing a pilot and seriously injuring another. bits and pieces of virgin galactic's spaceshiptwo are strewn about the mojave desert. they were conducting a test flight of its tourism rocket when something went wrong. >> space is hard and today was tough. >> reporter: he said an inflight anomaly occurred and the vehicle was lost. one pilot killed, the other seriously injured. >> we found one person who had obviously was deceased, um, um, immediately. the other was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: spaceshiptwo took off from the mojave air and spaceport. the aircraft was using a new fuel formulation that executives say had been tested and proven on the ground. >> it wasn't because of something did happen. it was a -- what i was not hearing and not seeing. >> reporter: virgin galactic is a brainchild of british
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billionaire sir richard branson who will take a ride himself. >> here we are about to launch the world's first commercial flight. >> reporter: tens of thousands of miles above the earth. more than 700 customers have already signed up paying nearly a quarter million dollars each. virgin galactic is working with authorities to determine the cause of the crash. earlier this week a rocket blew up shortly after lifting off in virginia. it was carrying supplies to the international space station. that explosion lit up the sky, but no one was injured. the rocket was made by a private contractor for nasa. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. the lava has slowed down but it is still crawling and remains a threat to a town on the big island of hawaii tonight. people in pahoa have known for a month that the lava was coming. the question now, where will it end up? we sent our betty yu to the big
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island. she tells us, people are on edge as the lava creeps closer to their homes. >> creeping is kind of uneasy, when you wake up we still have this problem. >> reporter: he took me for a walk in the literal hot zone. you can see smoke from the lava front in the distance. >> right behind the house. >> reporter: his family's statehouse within just 250 feet of it. >> scary. yeah. i would best describe it just waiting for the inevitable to happen. >> reporter: the lava is threatening to smother the town. but its flow has been sporadic in the last 48 hours stopping and starting as it slides downhill toward pahoa. along the main road, you can't see any signs that the lava is literally in its backyard. >> $5. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> reporter: in fact, it was business as usual friday morning at this bakery. >> you still live down by ohlone, right? >> reporter: there is tension
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and worry. >> a lot of it is the unknown. we can walk away from the lava and not get hit by the lava but how are we going to have jobs, are we going to be separated from friends and family. >> reporter: that's because one of the biggest concerns right now is whether the stream of lava will slice this town in half cutting off access roads to the village. >> when you move here or you live here you always take that chance, you know? that's how it is when you live near an active volcano but never expect it to flow this way, you know,. >> reporter: there is as much fear and worry as there is fascination with this lava flow. a lot of people want to see it, calling it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. right now no one has access to the lava flow including media partly for safety reasons. two people have since been arrested for trespassing to see it. in pahoa, hawaii, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the lava is coming from volcano that's been erupting
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since june. usgs has said the flow could last another 30 years. >> so heartbreaking for the families that live there to literally watch their homes be destroyed inch by inch as this lava creeps forward. >> you bring up a good point. inch by inch. this thing may move very little for 24 hours and 10 yards the next. bottom line is it's moving. >> you can't do anything to stop it. >> not lava. lava usually wins there's not much you can do. big problem for the southeastern corner of the big island. we had a problem partially solved today. we need some rainfall. we received some, more coming overnight tonight. but the timing impeccable. we appreciate mother nature heeding our calls. it will not rain for the trick or treaters this evening. we'll stay mostly dry until 8:00, 9:00. chilly mid-60s. oakland 65. san francisco only 62 degrees. look at all that rainfall to our south and east. that's where it is pouring right now up and down the i-5 corridor, monterey bay all the
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way up to el dorado county. off to the west we'll get us likely after midnight tonight. east of napa and cuttings wharf one tiny shower off to the east. asigh from that, cloudy, chilly and dry aside from that. rain didn't dampen the halloween spirit of tricker treaters from sherman elementary school today. they went on with their annual parade. no rain stopped them down union street. lots of umbrella though. protect the costumes for the trick or treaters. 99% of the bay area will be dry between now and 9:00. the rain is coming but it will get pushed back. upper level low pressure still to come. the front moved through earlier. that's all the rainfall to our south and east. saturday it will be raining again. showers to start off the weekend but sunshine to finish it as a big ridge of high
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pressure builds in once again. highs 60s tomorrow. >> we gain an hour, 49 hour weekend extra hour of sleep sunday morning and dry back to the 80s by the middle of the next week. >> we did a little checking clouds that was over that one house. over one house. kansas city royals fans lives there. >> that's the kid i interviewed a couple of weeks ago. >> brutal. >> all right, dude. still ahead, a popular halloween house takes a hit. >> the issues someone had with this spooky decor and how other neighbors are helping the owner rally. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some heat from the city. a house popular with trick or treaters in the town of turlock is getting some heat
6:25 pm
from the city. every year the homeowner decks it out for halloween and it is a sight to see but someone complained he is afraid of getting caught in the webs and wants the decorations taken down. the homeowner got a $100 fine. >> i said, is that $100 a day or a flat rate? she said it's a flat rate. i said done. that way my webs can stay up until after halloween? yup. >> i'll pay it. >> there you go. one neighbor even made a donation to help offset the cost of the fine. if you didn't want to be down in the crowds, some of the best viewing for today's giants parade was up high. we found this group of people watching from a fire escape outside an apartment building in san francisco. now, there were a lot of people you would expect in such a parade. others you might not. >> mike sugerman found a couple of examples of those caught up in the middle of the attention and probably never expected it. >> i worked for the giants 54 years now at the stadium, you
6:26 pm
know, at seals, candlestick, at&t. yup. they asked me to be in it. i have the longest time. >> reporter: that must feel great. >> it is pretty good. i had to wait 49 years for the first one. [ laughter ] >> but it was worth it. >> the in the crowd and then they picked our two kids to come out and then just enjoying the parade they said you have to come out and they gave us the bands and here we are. >> you're marching in a world series parade! what do you think? >> it's fun! >> reporter: yeah, i bet it's fun. >> like i died and gone to heaven, amazing, a real experience, awesome. >> a lot of great people out there having a great time. numbers are still coming in. but preliminary attendance reports show 11% of the students in san francisco unified school district skipped one or more classes today mostly in the high school
6:27 pm
level. coincidence? giants fever? we'll let you decide. in recent weeks 7% of students missed one or more classes. >> hm. coming up in our next half- hour, an explosion rocks an east bay apartment. we showed you this destruction. tonight the blast even has neighbors half a mile away picking up the pieces. >> plus she says she is healthy. a new win tonight for a u.s. nurse who treated ebola patients. ,, ,,,,
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off an [ explosion ] >> now at 6:30, a suspect drug lab explosion rocks an east bay neighborhood blowing the roof off an apartment building. multiple people are hurt. welcome back, i'm elizabeth cook in for veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. giant explosion inside a walnut creek apartment is leaving as many as 50 people displaced tonight. a series of blasts ripping through a second-story unit on sunnyvale heavy rainfall near north main street. investigators say butane tanks used in a drug lab are to
6:31 pm
blame. two victims are suspects in the apartment dru lab. they are in critical condition. if they survive they will face felonies including child endangerment because there are a lot of kids living in the neighborhood. kpix 5's christian hartnett tells us it's a blast -- the blast was so powerful, it was felt for quite a distance. christian. >> reporter: that's right. you would think that maybe the glass would be felt from maybe a few blocks away. certainly not more than a half mile. but if you thought that you would be wrong. the shock waves of this explosion literally ripped through this community jolting hundreds here in walnut creek this morning. the first few seconds after the ear-ringing blast left many wondering what had just happened. >> i immediately felt the extreme impact. i thought was a car crashing into a building or it was a start of an earthquake. >> reporter: he was in the shower when he felt the boom. when he got out, he found his window blown out. >> i didn't think it was the --
6:32 pm
the physical impact would be so great from an explosion across the street. >> reporter: while some picked up the shards of glass that used to be their windows, others went to assess their own damage. >> after seeing this and seeing the neighbors with their broken windows, think i'm going to check the house. >> seems like it must have been huge if it made the sound travel all the way down here. >> reporter: you couldn't miss hearing and feeling the blast in lisa's neighborhood. even though it's a half mile from the explosion. >> it seems like it must have been huge if it made the travel -- the sound all the way down here. >> reporter: it would soon find out just how big when they saw the first pictures and video of the destruction. closer to the blast site, building inspectors spent the day checking and seeing the extent of the damage. and we should know what's been yellow-tagged and red-tagged by later tonight. live in walnut creek, christian hartnett, kpix 5. a judge in maine has ruled in favor of a nurse who is
6:33 pm
refusing to be quarantined. kaci hickox is allowed to leave her home in fort kent and can even take public transportation. but she is ordered to coordinate travel with public health authorities and submit to daily monitoring. hickox recently returned to the u.s. after treating ebola patients in west africa. maine authorities want her to be quarantined for 21 days. so far, she has no symptoms. stocks closed out the month with a flourish today. the dow gained 195 points setting a new all-time high up and down and back up again. the s&p 500 rose 23 points. it also set a record. japan's central bank announced a new round of stimulus, which may have sparked today's rally card hub is listing the scariest credit cards on the market. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us which to avoid. >> reporter: car hub -- [overlapping speakers >> reporter: worst credit cards by category and most come with
6:34 pm
some pretty scary fees. the worst rewards card is the visa black card. it only earns you 1 point per a dollar spent with a nearly $500 annual fee. the worst card for students is the u.s. bank college visa credit card with no rewards and an apr up to 20.99%. now, the worst card for big ticket purchases is the toyota credit card where the rate can skyrocket up to nearly 23% after just six months. and card hub says the worst balance transfer card is the usb preferred visa signature card which carries a balance transfer fee in addition to an annual fee. if you are looking to save money this halloween, is offering some pretty tasty discounts. the website says chipotle is offering $3 salads and tacos if you come in costume tonight. and if you are into breakfast for dinner ihop is offering free pancakes for kids 12 and under. and just in case you don't get
6:35 pm
enough sugar, you can snag a free donut at krispy kreme tonight just show up in costume. and finally, great news for coffee lovers who don't have time to stand in line. starbucks announced plans for a coffee and food delivery service available to starbucks loyalty program members as part of its new mobile order and pay app. starbucks' ceo calls it e- commerce on steroids. the service will launch nationwide next year. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. it's a long wait tonight for those trying to get home following the giants victory parade. ryan takeo is at the caltrain station at 4th and king in san francisco. last time we checked in with you, ryan, the line was about half a mile long. is it getting any better? >> reporter: yeah be a little bit better. still a mess though. here's where it starts over at 4th and king. it wraps around the station right here. and it goes down the street about one full city block. so we are talking about a 30 or 40 minute wait. earlier it was about an hour's
6:36 pm
wait. now, here's a look at the line from within the last hour, you can buy the giants parade halloween -- combine the giants parade, halloween and friday rush hour it adds up to a slow commute. some people gave up. one group from san jose are splitting an $80 uber ride even though they already bought train tickets. it could be worse. in fact, it has been worse before. over in 2012, that's when caltrain and bart say they had record setting days. well, today they reported numbers about 10% below their 2012 numbers. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. still ahead, what are the odds of winning the lottery? >> pretty good if you are one of these three californians. but there may be more to it than just look. ,,,,,,
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people play the lottery for fun. many know the odds of winning are bad. but three people in california have won the lottery more than
6:39 pm
200 times. so they really just that lucky? or is it something else? our christin ayers went to check it out in a kpix 5 exclusive. >> reporter: it's one of winningest lottery stores in the bay area dolci espresso in san jose reported 212 winning tickets worth $600 or more in the past decade. the luckiest winner, owner claimed 87 of them. at the jelly donut in daly city, owner frank nguyen claimed 15 winning scratchers worth $1,000 each in just the past two years. and angela couch and her frequent customer jose ruiz combined a whopping 402 wins at her store mjb video in l.a. notice a theme? data obtained from the california lottery shows many of the most frequent winners in california are retailers. >> i definitely see some of them defy the odds. >> reporter: skip garibaldi is
6:40 pm
a math professor at ucla. he crunched the numbers and estimates if these store owners are really buying their own tickets, they are spending a fortune. like frank at the jelly donut. >> so 642-day span of collecting prizes, i think he was spending about $1,300 a day. >> reporter: that's $840,000 total to win $32,000. numbers like that he says are improbable. >> you can get lucky once it could happen but if you win twice, you either spent a lot of money on lottery tickets or something is up. >> it would indicate possibly a pattern of buying tickets. >> reporter: the lottery's chief enforcement officer says something called discounting may be at play. that's when customers sell their winning tickets to the retailer for less than they're worth. >> people who have judgments or liens, it could be child support payment. so they know if the ticket goes into a claim, part of that payment will be garnished. unfortunately, there's some unscrupulous retailersout there that take advantage of these situations.
6:41 pm
>> you two people are some of the biggest winners in california. $600 or more in lotto. >> reporter: like at mjb video. after a half-hour of denials and excuses the owner finally fessed up. so were you buying his winning ticket? >> yes. >> that's not allowed. >> yeah. i don't make money this time. i just only buy it back. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he says claiming a ticket that's not really yours is a violation of lottery regulations. it's not a crime. but another way some retailers could be claiming so many wins is criminal. they could be cheating unsuspecting customers. >> i don't think they're winners, but -- >> reporter: in this sting a lottery investigator posing as a customer uses a decoy winning ticket to test the retailer's honesty. >> never win on those things. >> reporter: he says the bad apples are a minority. >> we have 22,000 retailers. and the routine testing we do through investigations has them at about 98 to 99% compliance. >> reporter: he says the
6:42 pm
lottery has tightened regulations to stop retailer cheating. now all winners of $600 or more have to disclose if their owners or employees of stores. the new rules went into effect in 2007. the very year her winning streak ended. they showed that you played. that's you, right? you won a lot. >> no, no. that's not me. >> reporter: man when. >> i notice this -- >> reporter: this is from the lottery, yes. >> christin ayers, kpix 5. >> both bay area store owners denied buying discounted tickets from their customers. not going to end the drought but this behind me is certainly helping. it is pouring down toward monterey and santa barbara, san luis obispo and through the central valley. great news there. we have stuff off to the west of san francisco. that's still got to come through here. we'll talk about when the rain returns and your updated seven- day forecast coming up. >> straight ahead in sports i
6:43 pm
just love a parade, don't you? >> yes, yes, yes! >> barry bonds? a world series ring? and warriors klay thompson finally it's the [ indiscernible ] i'm just getting started. see you in 10 minutes. ,,
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6:46 pm
what exactly is hash later tonight, more on the apartment explosion in the east bay and we ask, what exactly is hash oil and how dangerous is it? that story on bay area nightbeat at 10 clock on the cw. >> he promised rain, he delivered rain and he put it right on top of the parade. >> this turned out really well. yesterday kind of looked like man, is it going to be just a mess out there. imagine trying to follow your children trying to keep them dry. if you haven't headed out yet you will be rain-free this evening. there is so much rain on the radar. it's a washout from monterey to
6:47 pm
the spine of interstate 5 now leaving the greater sacramento area a lot of rainfall. but look off to the left-hand side of your television screen. last image right there. that's a lightning bolt about 300 miles offshore. there is the chance not only of rainfall overnight tonight, but also some thunderstorms moving through. rain-free for the trick or treating halloween evening. november starts tomorrow. isolated showers, most people rain-free for halloween this evening. tomorrow night set your clocks back an hour and please check your smoke detectors. then on sunday we have some football. it will be sunny and mild in santa clara at levi stadium the rams playing the 9ers 67 degrees. kickoff temperature. not done with the rain but the front is gone. sometimes a one-two punch. the first punch is the front over the central valley. what's trailing behind it is a
6:48 pm
cold area of low pressure. now, cold air aloft wants to sink and then any heating of the surface which we have had throughout the day today. that air wants to rise. you get that up and down motion the problem is that that will cause clouds showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. that's what will pass overhead tonight. so even though it's in the middle of the night, that low swings by. when you wake up tomorrow morning maybe wet. additional showers possible through lunchtime tomorrow. all that mess moves out. high pressure builds back in. sunshine by the afternoon tomorrow and sunshine for several days thereafter. but tonight, more much-needed rainfall. but not evening time. mainly rain-free for trick or treaters but then tomorrow morning here comes showers. some could be heavy with isolated thunderstorms overnight. showers overnight but not for trick or treaters. chance of rain early on saturday. but then dry weather comes back and we'll see gradual warming through the majority of next week. 60s tomorrow. much like today a chilly first day of november. concord 65. your average is 73.
6:49 pm
san jose milpitas mid-60s. san mateo hayward 64. some showers in the morning for you in pittsburg, danville, pleasanton 65 degrees for you. 64 in alameda. sonoma 67. morning rain for you in santa rosa 65 degrees. saint helena and lakeport low to mid-60s for you. we gain that hour of sleep overnight saturday night. sunday you wake up the sun is back and we'll be mainly sunny and dry all the way through next friday. that is your forecast. we'll be right back with sports.
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partcular all right. baseball up top. world series parade. a trifecta for some giants. but a whole new experience for one particular long tenured big leaguer. tim hudson at age 39 is a series parade newbie. the oldest pitcher to start a world series game on wednesday. hudson signed with the giants last winter because he knew the giants had a shot to get him his first ring. >> i cannot believe we are world champs. huh? [ applause and cheers ] >> i can believe it actually. that's why i came here. this is an amazing group and i just thank god that he blessed
6:53 pm
me with one of the best years of my life, definitely of the best year of my baseball career hands down not even a close second. and it's been long. i have waited a long time for this. >> today's parade may have been the last time fans will see some of the players as giants. some notable players hitting the free agent market this winters, starting pitchers ryan vogelsong and jake peavy. outfielder michael morse. and fan favorite sergio romo. but no name is bigger than third baseman pablo sandoval. he told dennis o'donnell after game 7 he is not ready to even think about free agency. >> pablo, what would you like to do in the future? >> celebrate. what am i going to do? celebrate with my teammates. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: would you like to celebrate again with your teammates in the future? >> anything can happen.
6:54 pm
i love being with these guys. >> okay. fans, at today's parade clamored for sandoval to stay. panda totaled 24 hits in the giants world series run. he was clutch. but it wasn't just the fans campaigning him to stay. pablo's impending free agency was a big topic today. >> before we hear the sign pablo chant -- [ laughter ] >> -- i think i'm a little light, larry. not enough, right, pablo? [ laughter ] >> re-sign pablo! >> yes, yes, yes! >> we need about five more for that. re-sign pablo? >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! >> hey, today barry bonds participated in the giants parade for the first time. the home run king who never won a title in san francisco may finally get one after being a hitting instructor at spring
6:55 pm
training. i caught up with his motorcade. you should have a world series ring because you helped this ballclub so much especially with the bat, huh? >> you know what? i'm just glad to be part of the ballclub. i was a little boy wanted to play on a team, you know what? i always wanted to follow my godfather, my godfather got to do this when he first came. i feel a completion. wow, what a great team, huh? >> hey, man. how about just one more at bat, one more shot -- >> how about a couple of more world series! we need to keep doing this! i want to keep doing this! this is my first one. so i want to do it again. >> hey, man, enjoy it. >> thank you, buddy. news outside of the giants. the cubs have let go of manager rick renteria after just one season. so they can pursue former rays manager joe madden. he may be introduced as the new skipper on monday. nba the warriors made an unsuccessful bid for then minnesota's kevin love in the off season. the t-wolves wanted klay
6:56 pm
thompson that was a deal breaker. listen to this deal. the ws signed thompson to a contract extension. according to reports, here are the numbers. four years, $70 million. i didn't stutter, either. the deal kicks in next season. runs through 2019. thompson averaged over 18 points last season a career- high and shot over 40% from three-point range and will be rolling again as the ws host "the late show" tomorrow night at oracle. >> very nice work in the street you and veronica. >> the v and v show. yeah. i was having a good time. >> nice to see barry bonds reestablishing his relationship with the giants. >> good to see hi. >> all right. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: come on, y'all. let's play now. come on. hey, folks. welcome to the show. thank y'all very much. all right now. thank you very much, y'all. i appreciate you. thank you very much. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from st. petersburg, florida, it's the styles family! [cheering and applause] and from belgrade, minnesota, it's the gruber family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. yep. let's play "feud"! give me brea. give me tiffany.
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[theme music playing] all right, ladies, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 women-- name something you'd do to a guy who dumped you on your birthday. brea. >> kick him. steve: kick him. [ding] it's up there. tiffany. >> i would...cry. steve: cry. >> pass or play? we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] brittany, we asked 100 women-- name something you'd do to a guy who dumped you on your birthday. >> i would spread rumors about him. >> good answer! ha ha ha! steve: damn. what's that about? spread rumors. [ding] [cheering and applause] u


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